British Airways Logos

On December 4, 1984, British Airways revealed a new identity and livery, created by Landor Associates. The choice of Landor sparked some controversy in the British design community, as it was unusual at the time for British companies to contract foreign agencies for design work. Perhaps in an effort to stem criticism, British Airways' press release made sure to mention that other aspects of the rebrand would be handled by British companies, naming suppliers of paints, signs and stationery before mentioning Landor.

The new livery featured three colours, which were called pearl grey, midnight blue and brilliant red. Many aspects of the Negus livery were kept. Although the shades were different, the lower part of the fuselage remained blue and the upper part had a slight colour change from white to "pearl grey". The part of the Union Jack that was on the lower part of the tailfin was also retained, while the upper part of the tailfin was changed to blue and emblazoned with British Airways' coat of arms. The font of the name was also changed.

The most distinctive change was the addition of the red "Speedwing" which runs along the entire fuselage. The Speedwing could also be seen in the airline's new logo.



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