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Let us suppose one day you decide to change your own name. What would it be? Do you think your new name would boost your reputation among friends and family? Or do you fear you won't be recognized any longer? Similarly, coming to the logo design world, the strength of a company logo lies in its ability to be remembered by a customer. Mostly customers remember a brand due to its visual presence, not the tag lines and services. This makes a logo design the biggest reason behind a company's success or failure.

Some logos become an instant hit and within days mesmerize the customers. While for many, it may take many years to get its logo accustomed with its customers. Even a slight modification in logo can create an enormous impact on brand equity. People who recall your products or services through a particular logo may not recall them via a new one.

The Positive Aspects:

  • Logo redesign helps in giving a fresh look of your business.
  • It helps in bolstering and brushing up the brand image tarnished by previous logo.
  • Redesign increases customer awareness of new services you offer.
  • It signifies that your business is dynamic and ever updating.
  • A variety of new customers get attracted to your business.

The Negative Aspects:

  • Logo Redesign incurs considerable amount of cost
  • New logo design is extremely difficult to relate it with your organization
  • It may take a long time to get your new logo design familiarized in the market.
  • After redesigning, customers may not recall your brand anymore
  • Excessive redesigning may cause damage to you company integrity and goodwill.

By Charlie John


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