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Plagiarism has become a widespread problem. People often plagiarize stuff that is easily and readily available. Be it the education field or the corporate world, the curse of plagiarism is prevalent. The same nuisance is existent the logo design industry. You will witness hundreds of logos that either resemble other logos or are a downright copy. But is it done intentionally or it is a coincidence? Irrespective of how you come up with a logo design, you have to make sure it does not inadvertently fall into the parameters of logo theft.

The risks of plagiarism in logo designs:

Logo plagiarism is an ever increasing nuisance for designers, especially with the advent of the internet. With a simple click or just a little search on Google, anyone in the world can copy your corporate logos. In fact, Google itself has not been spared of this unethical practice. Google has recently warned a Chinese search engine to change its logo as it is a clear copy of world famous Google logo.

Original VS Inspired logo:

There is a vast difference in creating an original and an inspired logo design. Originality is something that many logo designers claim. Making slight modifications to it and then claiming it to be new and unique is not called originality.

However, many designers have been defending themselves saying creative minds think alike and I think they are not completely wrong. What happens is that a logo designer observes so many logos in his life. Intentionally or unconsciously, he follows those ideas when designing for a client.

By Charlie John


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