Boston Bruins Logos

The history of the Boston Bruins can be traced to the begging of the NHL. The Bruins are home to Boston Massachusetts and are in the Northeast NHL division, witch is part of the Eastern Conference. In 1924 the bruins where introduced into the NHL and the Bruins where the first united stats hockey team. Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings, New York Rangers, Montreal Canadians, and the Chicago Black Hawks, these teams will become known as the original six, because they where the first hockey teams of the NHL. The Boston Bruins have the second most Stanly cups victory wins at five, just second to the Detroit Red Wings witch have eleven. The Bruins Play at the TD Bank Garden witch is located in the heart of Boston.

The Bruins would end up in last place with a record of 6-24, despite winning there first ever hockey game in December 1, 1924. In 1929, the bruins had the best winning season, with an.875 winning percentage, and they have won 38 out of 44 games, witch still stands as the best winning hockey season of any NHL team. In 1929 the bruins would land in the Stanly cup finals, but they lost to the Montreal Canadians, witch would be the begging to a long time rivalry. The Boston Bruins would be the first NHL team to sing an African-American by the name of Willie O're who was the first every black man to play in the NHL.


Boston Bruins LogosBoston Bruins LogosBoston Bruins LogosBoston Bruins LogosBoston Bruins LogosBoston Bruins LogoBoston Bruins LogosBoston Bruins LogoBoston Bruins Logo