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A Birds Eye company was established in September 16, 1946 or by the name of the Italian airline Alitalia internationally as one or Italian Cooperation between the British, BEA businesses and private investors. An open flight on May 5, 1947 in the city of Turin ligands of Catania and Rome, using human Fiat G.12 aircraft, piloted by Virgilio Reinero and leased by the Italian Air Force. Soon after, on July 6 to complete the first flight international companies ligand City of Rome and Oslo, Norway with 38 sailors on board. That anus newly created company reached Eye Bird or the number of passengers carried 10,000. In the following anus, in March 1948, the company made the first flight of an intercontinental Milan Party trend with destiny by several cities in South America (Natal, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires), then scale to Dakar, Senegal.

In 1955 in the company of Birds Eye we divide or the Italian market with LAI (United Airlines), created from drilling is the same in the same form and anus, but works with the U.S. TWA. All services in the country, unless-Rome-Turin route, which is operated by the LAI, which as Alitalia Flight International also operates in Europe and other continents. With the incorporation by LAI AƇITALIA not give October 31, 1957, the new company has to adopt a Bird Eye or official name of Alitalia - ITALIAN AIRLINE. With or acceptance Caravelle VI-N first aircraft in 1960, the company entered the jet, including flights between Rome and London, and then to Rome soon in New York with the first shipment Douglas DC8-43. That same anus, created SAM (Society Aerea Mediterranea) charter airline subsidiary, and in 1963, ATI (Aero Transport Italy) to conduct domestic flights. The two companies merged back, keeping all if only Alitalia or name.

In 1968, Alitalia transported, peels the first time, more than 1 million passengers. In the following anus, if the company is to become the first airline to ab jet fleet consists exclusively European. For decades to follow Alitalia if developed through the expansion of the fleet and the purpose of opening domestic international, European and new, back when the brand image of Italy in the world. 1996 made in a division known as the Alitalia management of internal operations team responsible for running long hair and medium. Created in the anal area next child Alitalia Express (for domestic flights and short flights within European destinations), and in 2001 joined the Alliance if the SkyTeam global airline.

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